The following quotes are from a Solihull group that has recently run:

This has been a very helpful course-thank you. After a year of post-natal depression, I now feel a lot more confident and happier as a parent. This course is beneficial in numerous ways.”

“After attending this course I feel much better myself which I feel helps me with my parenting skills at home. I also feel that it has helped me to remember all the nice things and milestones about my child. While things are difficult at home it is hard to concentrate on these things as you feel you are constantly in a battle!”

“This course has really benefited me to have a little time away from my child and be given advice, share problems and feel less alone and isolated.”

The following quotes come from parents who attended the STOP programme at Filsham Valley School

“I would recommend the course to many people because you do not feel like you’re a failing parent who can not cope, but quite normal to a certain extent. We all go through problems however old your children are. This course makes you think in a different way and helps you cope and solve a lot of the adolescents problems in an easier way, and yes it does make more sense than trying to deal with the kids by shouting and punishing them too harshly.”

“Talking and listening to my children is much easier than I thought.”

“It also really helped me to have more confidence as a parent and helped a better, happier atmosphere at home by following some of the advice.”

“This course has made me think about my relationship with my children, it has given me ideas on how to improve our relationships starting with me.”


This quote is from a parent who attended a parenting programme at Fegans in Heathfield:

“The parenting course has had an extremely positive effect on my ability to interact with all my children. It has given me confidence to play, praise, set effective boundaries and respond positively to tough and difficult situations that arise in everyday family life. I am now more able to cope with the continuous, demanding task of being a parent. I would recommend this course to all parents, in fact in my opinion it is A MUST”.

The following quotes are from parents who have attended the Incredible Years Programmes at Shinewater Primary School in Eastbourne:

“I like the reaction I get when I praise him.”

“At the end of the day when it was made I was getting cuddles and “I love you Dad”.”

“I feel more confident with my children and I feel they do receive more attention. I am calmer and do not need to shout as much. We interact more. I am able to diffuse a situation before it gets out of hand.”

“My children and I actually enjoy spending time with each other now. They are not fighting to gain my attention it’s given freely and with that I found I can get my children to do as I ask by just changing the way I ask them.”

At Manor Close in Uckfield they have been running STOP programmes. Here is what some of the parents who attended have said:

“I had a really enjoyable week and realised I liked my son”

“We talk things through a lot more and shout a lot less. We do more things together”

“My son and I have both calmed down a lot and shout less”.

“Flare ups less frequent and shorter, apologies quicker and taking more responsibility”

If you have any quotes from parents who have participated in your programmes and would like to see them included on this site then e-mail them to us and we will post them onto this page.