There are many web sites around now that contain some very useful information for parents. Some of these have been designed by organizations who deliver a service to children and families, others have been designed by individuals who have experienced particular difficulties and want to share with others what they have learnt. It would be impossible to provide a comprehensive list of helpful sites but what we do want to do is provide links we have found to sites that we feel are particularly good. We are also very open to those of you who browse our site to contact us with other sites you have discovered for inclusion in this page. Feel free to e-mail us and we will check out what you have found.


The following are links to sites that have been looked at by the East Sussex Parenting Partnershipand are sites that we feel offer helpful information to either professionals working with children and their families or for parents themselves.


Parenting Skills/Support

Local Authority

KITES website:

Voluntary Organisations