The Solihull Programme

The Solihull programme is intended for parents and carers who want to know more about sensitive and effective parenting. The Solihull Approach Parenting Group emphasises the need for emotional containment and the presence of a reciprocal relationship. This enables parents to think, within the group and at home, about sensitive and effective approaches to behaviour management. It also empowers parents, to build on their existing skills and develop a way of thinking to solve difficulties in the future. The Solihull Approach Parenting Group is designed to help parents develop a way of relating to their child that promotes child development and effective behaviour management.

Aim of Group
• To promote understanding of children’s behaviour within context of developmental issues
• To promote child/ parents reciprocity
• To increase confidence and self-esteem in parent and child
• To giving parents a strategy for repair when things go wrong
• To develop a framework for thinking about parent/child relationships, which can be developed into a life long skill
• To promote reflective, sensitive and effective parenting

Contents – Examples of sessions
• How are you and your child feeling?
• Tuning into your child’s developmental needs
• Parent child relationship – having fun together
• Rhythm of interaction and sleep
• Self-regulation and anger
• Communication and attunement